Lol ah…still dreaming of making it to an Earl’s.

A sandwich that still comes fondly to my mind is Sub Station II’s Italian sub with capicola, restaurant is out of business though and haven’t found another like it.

In addition to all that you mentioned (some I have yet to try but I have faith they will be enjoyed!)

Egg Salad Croissant

Panera’s Mediterranean Veggie

Any Pesto chicken (as long as there is enough pesto!)

PB&J and Bologna were my mom’s lunchbox go to’s also and Grilled Cheese for days at home.

My dad introduced me to Braunschweiger which I only crave when my body needs iron or if it’s the sandwich special of the day at mom’s dining hall Lol.

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Aug 25, 2022Liked by Kimberly Nichols

As you know, I love a good peanut butter sandwich 😂 I oddly did not like PBJs as a kid; it had to be either only PB or only jelly (probably because I didn’t like my food to touch).

My favorite sandwich is probably one from Golubka Kitchen called The Salad Sandwich (it’s on their blog, and I also wrote about it some time ago). The flavor combo hits just right, and it’s super crunchy, which can be hard to achieve in a sandwich. I also like one that I found on Goop’s website a couple of years ago that’s a baguette with prosciutto and chive butter. I’m also a big fan of club sandwiches and BLTs.

Also, I’m 100% with you and your dad on the Heinz ketchup. Hunt’s has no place in this house!

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Aug 23, 2022Liked by Kimberly Nichols

Grilled cheeses are one of my favorite sandwiches! I love playing around with different combos...on Christmas we usually do some sort of "bar" for those that come to visit and one Christmas we did a "grilled cheese bar" with different types of breads, cheeses, jams, veggies, condiments, eggs, fruit slices, pickles, herbs, etc. It's so fun to make different combos that you can either gobble up your self or split with someone else so you can sample their creation!

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Love love love (especially that sketch of Dagwood! ;) )

And I'm with Mel - I died over seeing "Earl", you're too good!!

My favorite sandwich (that I can't eat anymore) will forever been a salty, buttery, grilled Ruben. Always. But my second would be my mom's grilled cheese made with Velveeta (gasp!!)... her secret was salting the bread... heaven.

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I love sandwiches exactly because of the infinite possibilities they offer! Venetians have developed their own version, the tramezzino. Two soft, spongy, triangular slices of white bread (no crust) and a ridiculous amount of filling that always comes slathered in mayo. My favourites are the soft boiled egg with asparagus one and the soft boiled egg with mushroom one.

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Again, I feel that as a veggie, I'm sadly under-represented in the sandwich arena. I LOVE a good sandwich. One of my faves, a hold-over from my childhood, is a fried egg sandwich....which needs to be eaten standing over the sink because of drips (or at least, leaning over your plate) -- that one comes from my dad. He's a master. Hubs has trained Eldest to build excellent sandwiches....I just look on in envy as the stacks rise.

Also - Earl? I'm dying.

Also, a little-known fact -- hubs and I used to train racehorses for Davy Jones (of the Monkees). That's our brush with fame. xo

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Aug 22, 2022Liked by Kimberly Nichols

It's lunch time here and now I am famished and want of your sandwiches!

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Clever and delish!

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